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dc.contributor.advisorReddy, Movindri
dc.contributor.authorKuhl, Henrik
dc.description.abstractMy senior comprehensive writing requirement for my major in Diplomacy and World Affairs focuses on the relationship between trade related aspects of intellectual property systems under the World Trade Organization and the HIV-AIDS pandemic in South Africa as a challenge to the neo-realist school of thought in the field of study referred to as international relations theory. I have over the past year conducted in depth research on most aspects of the AIDS pandemic in South Africa, ranging from health policy, cultural norms and values, the composition of the social fabric, economic consequences, the role of second generation economic rights in the South African Bill of Rights of 1997, etc...Several of the individuals that I interviewed in South Africa recommended me to obtain a copy of "the Macro-economic impact of HIV/AIDS in South Africa", which is a comprehensive study released by the Bureau of the Economic Research, University of Stellenbosch, South Africa. (Support was sought to obtain a copy of the study.)
dc.titleMacro-economic Impact of HIV/AIDS in South Africa

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