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dc.contributor.advisorPeppers, Marla E.
dc.contributor.authorGibson, Krysta
dc.description.abstractDuring my Summer Mellon internship, I will be working on two different projects. The first project is an information literacy program I will be designing for the Community Literacy Center. For this project, I will be creating a WebQuest; an activity in which students use internet resources to retrieve information. From this program, students will learn how to navigate through the Web, evaluate sites, and locate information. For my second project, I will be developing the Spanish literature collection in the library. I will be reviewing the current literature we have, and assessing what is missing from the collection. I will be also creating a pathfinder for Spanish. This pathfinder will include recommended databases, websites, search strategies, and books specifically for the Spanish scholar.
dc.description.sponsorshipAndrew W. Mellon Foundation
dc.titleMellon Internship Summer 2006

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