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dc.contributor.advisorGottlieb. R.
dc.contributor.authorWon, Jean
dc.description.abstractThe Los Angeles River, the river upon which the city of Los Angeles was originally founded upon and which today intersects many of its diverse communities, is often overlooked by residents of Los Angeles as a "pseudo-river" or not a river at all. During the last sixty years, the Los Angeles River has been transformed into a concrete channel, primarily defined by its flood control functions. However, recent efforts to educate Angelenos about the River have also begun to identify a range of perspectives about what the river has been and what it can become. This project involves research to help identify those perspectives and to gather photos, prose, and quotes from River enthusiasts and those who remember the Los Angeles River in its earlier pre-channelized state. This research material will be included in the development of a publication of community perspectives and hiking trails along the Los Angeles River. This publication seeks to continue this educational process about the River in its past, present, and possible future state.
dc.titleCommunity Perspectives of the Los Angeles River

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