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dc.contributor.advisorDeMeyere, Richard
dc.contributor.authorJew, Jessica
dc.description.abstractThe intent of the Tiger Wheels program is to make bicycling a practical, enjoyable, and healthy way of traveling around campus and the city of Los Angeles. Bicycling has become a more appealing way to travel because it has many benefits including: 1) better health from regular exercise, 2) not contributing to air pollution, 3) increased utilization of the public transportation system, 4) building community and investing in local businesses that can be easily reached by bike, and 5) giving students more transportation options besides driving. This program will make rental bicycles available to students in the SAC, and will provide maps, transit passes, and other safety equipment. Also, on the road bike training will be provided to ensure that users have the knowledge of how to ride on the street safely. The goal of this program is to give people to opportunity to ride who may not have the time or resources to own their own bike.
dc.description.sponsorshipPresident's Office Master Plan Internship
dc.titleThe Tiger Wheels Program

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