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dc.contributor.advisorRugg, S.
dc.contributor.authorTank, Niki
dc.description.abstractMy internship at the Center for Science and Environment in New Delhi, India, involves assigning eco-star ratings to members of the Indian Hotel Industry. This Green Rating Project involves four major tasks: data collection, data and performance analysis, community education/awareness, and advocacy. Data collection involves interviewing hotel management regarding environmental practices and policy, and conducting empirical field tests (water purity, particulate matter in air, green house gas emission levels, etc). Data analysis employs use of NMR/IR technology to assess material content. Community education/awareness campaigns involve producing and distributing relevant literature, in order to educate the public on more environmentally friendly living practices.The final component revolves around consulting members of the hotel industry, in terms of increasing the implementation, uses and advantages of sustainable resources/technology.
dc.description.sponsorshipMellon Foundation Grant
dc.titleThe Environmental Rating of the Indian Hotel Industry

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