The Undergraduate Research Center (URC) seeks to support Oxy’s mission by providing experiences that encourage the development of higher order thinking skills through faculty-mentored independent research. Find other student works supported by the URC here.


Submissions from 2013

Hip Hop and Urban Space in Los Angeles, Daniel Harrison

Submissions from 2012

The Suburban Myth and its application to the San Fernando Valley, Deanna Dupuy

Submissions from 2011

An Empire Divided: Regional anti-Catholic Policies in Bismarck's Germany, Joel Haas

The Young Women's Christian Association: Activism and Gender Identity in Postwar America, Teigynn Knight and Schwartz

Submissions from 2010

The Momentous and Influential Role and Affiliations of Standard Oil in the Mexican Revolution, Ricardo Ramirez

Cultural Maintenance and Revitalization in Oaxacan Indigenous Communities in Los Angeles , Marianna Rodriguez

Montaigne Abroad: Religion and Development in the Context of the Reformation, Alice Wotkyns

Submissions from 2009

The "Iron Lady" and the Cowboy: Gendered Symbols and Cold War Politics, Lauren Mee

Fanon, Cesaire and the Martiniquais Question, Glenn Max Rowles

Promotion, Opposition and Manipulation: Mexican Deportations and Repatriations in 1930s Southern California, Veronica Toledo

Submissions from 2008

City on a Hill: The Aftermath of Los Angeles' Utopia, Brenda McNary

Anti-Semitism in Modern Russia, Lindsay Upton

Submissions from 2007

Land, Labor and Freedom: Post-Emancipation Community Formation in Jamaica and the Bahamas, Elena Abbott

Resistance and Appropriation of Modernism in 1920s Faith Healing, Caroline Bunnell

Discussing Hitler: The Rhetoric of Historians and its Implications for our Understanding of the Holocaust, Robert Nelson

A War for Peace: William Jennings Bryan and his Crusade, Alexander Ramon

Submissions from 2006

From Housing to Home Plate: Chavez Ravine, Cultural Transition, and the Construction of History, Nicole Rebec

On the Record? The American Press and the Nazi Eugenics Program, Nicholas Velkavrh

Submissions from 2005

Viewing Francoist Propaganda Through Mass Media in the National Archives of Spain, David Haupert

The Ayatollah Khomeini and the concept of political Islam in the 1979 Iranian Revolution, Jake Hogue

Children of the Revolution: The Red Army Faction and the Rise of Modern Terrorism in the 1970s, Jonathan Kirby

Submissions from 2004

Babies and Blunders: How Socialized Medicine Affects Maternity and Emergency Care in Sweden Anne Davis and Jeremiah Ray , Anne Davis and Jeremiah Ray

East Meets West:Strengthening the Traditional Doctor-Patient Relationship with Alternative Medical Techniques, Ali Franzen

From Sisterhood to Objectivity:Social Workers, Unmarried Mothers, andthe Professionalization of Charity in the 1920s, Melanie Riccobene

Submissions from 2003

Un-American History and the First Great American War over Collective Memory, Evan George

Submissions from 2002

A Cultural Approach to Understanding the Influence of Globalization on Venezuelan Art., Elizabeth Gerber

Interpreting France: American Perceptions of the French Nation During World War II, Hayley Pitt

Submissions from 2001

The Protestant Work Ethic and Common Schooling: An Analysis of their Impact on Abolitionism., Sean Rossall

Submissions from 2000

The Social Significance of Student Movements in Mexico City During the Last Forty Years., Anna Massey

How Catalan Culture and Identity Survived the Franco Regime., Caitlin O'Connor

Submissions from 1999

A Study of the Chinese Jamaican Exodus., Aaron Bohr

Musical Forces At The Time Of J.S. Bach., Joseph Guarascio

The Impact of Incarceration on African-American Families: A Focus on African-American Women Prisoners., Lanita Morris

Submissions from 1998

The Development of a Feminist Consciousness in Spain , Monica Boyer-Eickholt