The Undergraduate Research Center (URC) seeks to support Oxy’s mission by providing experiences that encourage the development of higher order thinking skills through faculty-mentored independent research. Find other student works supported by the URC here.


Submissions from 2012

Glucose and Fructose Ingestion following High Intensity Exercise does not Affect Subsequent Exercise Capacity, Adam Gutierrez

A Kinematic and Electromyographic Analysis of the “High Knees” and “Butt Kicks” Running Form Drills Compared to Running at an 8 Minute Mile Pace, Marnie Kinnaird

Submissions from 2011

The Biomechanics of Pirouettes in Elite Female Dancers, Chelsea Duncan

Outdoor Gym Equipment Is Not As Beneficial As Analogous Indoor Gym Equipment for Physical Activity Behavior and Muscular Strength, Caroline Nguyen

Submissions from 2010

An Examination of the Los Angeles Summer Food Service Program and its Impact on Children's Dietary Health, Michael Fox

Submissions from 2009

Factors that Affect Physical Activity Behaviors at Public Parks in Los Angeles County, Nicole Copti

Submissions from 2005

A Kinematic and Electromyographical Analysis of the Shoulder Complex Regarding the Sport of Archery with an Olympic Style Bow Adam Androlia and Mark Hartford , Adam Androlia and Mark Hartford