Politics involves the study of power, influence and ideas in public and private life, at the personal, local, state, national, and international levels. Our mission in the department of Politics is to provide our gifted and diverse students with an understanding of politics, government, and public policy to prepare them to become well informed, curious, and engaged leaders in their communities, in their societies, and in our increasingly complex, interdependent, and pluralistic world. Graduates of the department have found this major provides an excellent basis for careers in law, education, business, public service, international affairs, politics, and media.

The department strongly encourages each of its majors to pursue a variety of off-campus and community-based learning opportunities. The College has programs in Los Angeles, Sacramento, New York, and overseas. Its students regularly hold internships in all of these locations-in government agencies, in public interest organizations, in the media, in business, and in law.

In addition, the department provides financial support for student research during the academic year and summer. The Reath/McKelvey and Anderson Fellowships have supported students working on a wide variety of projects in the United States and abroad. The Politics department also encourages its students to pursue such research opportunities as the Undergraduate Research Fellowships for summer research in partnership with a faculty member and the Research Abroad fellowships through International Programs.-- Occidental College Course Catalog


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