The Undergraduate Research Center (URC) seeks to support Oxy’s mission by providing experiences that encourage the development of higher order thinking skills through faculty-mentored independent research. Find other student works supported by the URC here.


Submissions from 2013

Analysis of Trends in Occidental Stduent Data, Zachary Buschbach

IRAP Student Survey Analysis, Austen Dake

Policy vs. Protest: Exploring the Intersection of Formal and Informal Politics in Tackling the Problem of Racialized Push-out in LAUSD, Mara Dauber

Submissions from 2012

Intersectionality and the Tensions Between Service Provision and Political Organizing within Los Angeles’ Black LGBT Movement, Kyle Boers

Submissions from 2011

U.S. Democracy Promotion in Egypt: a Critique of USAID, Meagan McGinty

TheDynamicNatureofStateCourtsinEducationRightsLitigation, Sara McKnight

Public Interest Law in L.A. through a Lens of Rebellious Lawyering, Mark Silva

The Tension of Kierkegaard: A Delicate Recipe for Meaningful Action, Ethan Weiss

Submissions from 2010

Queers in Pink Keffiyehs: The Motivations of Modern Radical Queer Activists, Jacqueline Adorni

Extraterritorial Application of the US Constitution: Endorsing the ?Impracticable and Anomalous Standard? as refined by the Boumediene Court, Alexander Nourafshan

Submissions from 2009

Shouldering the Burden: Shedding America's Failed Welfare State through National Service, Ben Dalgetty

Russian Energy Politics in the Putin/Medvedev Era, Lainna Fader

Sustainable Energy Technology Exchange Between China and the United Sates: Competition or Collaboration, Matthew Harter

?Into the Sunlight:? Assessing the Legacy of IRCA with Respect to Comprehensive Amnesty under Obama , Christina Leblanc

The Iconography of Barack Obama: An Interdisciplinary Examination of the Pictorial Articulations and Implications of Images, Sky Mangin

Dual Federalism and the State of Gay Rights, Alexander Nourafshan

Submissions from 2008

Today?s Boundaries of Blackness: Is Secondary Marginalization Still Applicable to the AIDS Crisis in 2008?, Amanda Armstrong

Politics of U.S. Immigration Reform: Is a Point Based System the Future?, John Ferguson

Breaking the Syrian-Iranian Axis: Rapprochement with Syria and the Future of the Middle East, Brian Francisco

European Security Cooperation Moving Forward: The Current State and the French Plan for Progress, Thomas Gonzalez

Towards Worker's Rights: A Restructured NAFTA, Jack Hans

Disaster Politics: Assessing the Impact on Student Relief Workers in Post-Katrina New Orleans, Mackenzie Israel-Trummel

Problems of Legislating Network Neutrality: From Economic Theory to Legislative Reality, Hilary Norcott

Case Studies in Latin American Socialism, Melissa Rudberg

Intelligence in a Post 9/11 Era, Krystal Zayas-Wright

Submissions from 2007

Russian foreign policy strategy towards Central Asia, Jessica Abenstein

Turkey's Political Identity: East vs. West?, Tervanda (Vanda) Ayrapetyan

In Search of Sound: Black Music & Community Post Hurricane Katrina, Charmisha Baker

France & the European Union: Diplomatic Relations and Tensions/talk-US-Russia Showdown: Summer 2007 Missile Defense Crisis, Simona G. Gavrila

Power in Contemporary Los Angeles: An Elite--Latino Coalition, Brett Safford

Developing Nonprofits on the Entrepreneurial Edge: Sustainability and Performance-Driven Philanthropy, Kenneth Smutny

Submissions from 2006

"Determining the probable voting patterns of first generation Armenian-Americans living in Los Angeles", Tervanda (Vanda) Ayrapetyan

Strauss and the Crisis of the West, Gregory Bice

The Fission of One-Dimensionality: An Existential Investigation into the Work of Herbert Marcuse and the Potential for a Restorative Future, Matthew Cheek

The British Media: Ideal in Theory, Flawed in Practice Emelia Haiken and Casey Weiss , Emelia Haiken and Casey Weiss

The United Nations? Involvement in Somalia and Rwanda: Transitioning Roles of U.N. Peacekeeping and the Concept of Sovereignty, Mary Kanny

A Grand Strategic Approach for the Long War: American National Security in the 21st Century, Ionut Popescu

Artist Identity and Allegiance: National vs. Imagined Communities, Emily Rasmussen

Intelligence and the Iraq War, Emily Springhart

France Flamb?: An examination of French immigration policy in fiery times, Joan Wickham

Submissions from 2005

Variations in Rhetoric and Coverage: How American and English-Language Arab Newspapers Differ in Their Presentation of International Conflict, Kevin Adler

Russian Foreign Policy and the Expansion of the European Union and NATO into Central and Eastern Europe in the 21st Century, Eriks Berzins

Los Angeles Unified School District?s Campus Construction Project and the Revision of Los Angeles?s Urban Landscape: Is there room for all the communities? needs?, William Carter

Reflections on the Historical Unrest in South LA and Contemporary Turmoil at Jefferson High School, Nidia Garcia, Sergio Hernandez, and Natalie Simon

Bulgaria's Euro-integration: A Crucial Factor for Stabilization and Sustained Growth , Asen Hristov

UNESCO's Influence in International Arts Education: Assessing Arts Education in China , Emily Rasmussen

Common Foreign and Security Policy and the 7-7 Crisis, Elishia Trainer

Submissions from 2004

The Economy?s Influence onVoters? Gubernatorial Choice, Jonathan Brogaard

Russia's Impact on Eastern European Transition, Maria Stoyadinova

The Values and Ideals thatMotivate Candidates for Public Office, Peter Wright

Submissions from 2003

Martin, Malcolm, Mandela, and Biko:Resistance to Modern Day Slaveryand Philosophies for Black Liberation, Nathan Baptiste

The Conflation of Legal and Illegal Immigration and its Effects on Welfare and Immigration Reform., Jackelyn Cornejo

The Variation of African-American Communication in Printed Media: A Study of African-American Coverage of War in the United States, Brandon Smith

Different Paths to European Union Membership: Case Studies of the Accession Efforts of Bulgaria, Slovakia and Hungary, Maria Stoyadinova

Submissions from 2002

Contemporary Anglo-American Foreign Policy & Iraq, Casper Oswald

Political Aspects of Existentialist Thought:Problems of Individuality., Paul Seeley

Defining the Enemy in Post-9/11 Discourse: The Rhetorical Strategies of George W. Bush., Jeff Zimmerman

Submissions from 2001

An Examination of the Mexico City Policy, Past and Present, and its Effects on Health Abroad., Regina Clemente

A Study of the Political Dynamics of the Iran-Iraq War/ A Study of the the Media Coverage of the Iran-Iraq War., Casper Oswald

Submissions from 2000

Women in Armed Conflict: The Story of Kosovo, Bianca Karim

Political and Social Mobility of Womenin Trinidad and Tobago, W.I., Nicole Knighten

The Nature and Future of European Security Integration, Matthew Tompkins

Submissions from 1999

How Taiwanese Americans Influence American ForeignPolicy on U.S., China, and Taiwan Relations (Using the Taiwan Security Enhancement Act as a Model), Jerry Chou

Census 2000: The Impact of "Self-identification" on the Representation of Racial and Ethnic Collectives., Luana Espana

Media vs. Reality: Poverty in America., Bradley Leon

Demographic Transformations: A Political Struggle in Compton, Inglewood, and Lynwood., Hector V. Perez-Roman

The Revolution before the Revolution., Silva J. Zeneian

Submissions from 1998

Taiwanese Democratization and its Effect on the Sino-Taiwan Sovereignty Dispute., Ryan Ginn

Inequality in Public Education Finance Systems: Parental Wealth and the Maintenance of the Social-Class Structure, John Kaiser

The City of Compton: The Causes and Effects that Brought on Racial Demographic Change., Leticia LaFawn Sims

Radical Islamists Turn Toward Terrorism in Modern Egypt: Causes and Solutions., Serena Waheed