Courses in the department of Religious Studies seek to cultivate an understanding of religion as a significant, widespread, and diverse human phenomenon. To this end, courses explore the literature, history, thought, ethics, institutions, and practices of some of the world’s major religious traditions. Special attention is given to clarifying the role that religions have played in the cultural and social worlds of which they are a part, and to the contribution which they make to the development of the intellectual and ethical life of their societies. Attention is also given to the interaction and confrontation between religion and other dimensions of culture.

The major in Religious Studies provides a firm grounding in the liberal arts. It is well suited to students who wish to develop skill in critical thinking, and who may anticipate specialized training leading to professional careers in law, medicine, business, social services, government, or religious vocations. It also provides effective preparation for students who intend to pursue graduate work in the humanities, theology, or social science.-- Occidental College Course Catalog


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