The Undergraduate Research Center (URC) seeks to support Oxy’s mission by providing experiences that encourage the development of higher order thinking skills through faculty-mentored independent research. Find other student works supported by the URC here.


Submissions from 2013

Cultivating the Bodhicitta: An Historical and Philosophical Analysis of the Awakening Mind in Buddhist Thought, Zabia Colovos

Submissions from 2012

The Metaphor and the Literal- language and Deleuze, David Cole

Why Bill Maher Is Dangerously Misguided and Why It Matters: A Philosophical Exploration of the Religious Dimension of Human Existence, Natalie Malter

Submissions from 2011

Behind the Veil: Feminism, Racism, and the Call for the Liberation of the Muslim Woman, Margot Clifford

The Prologue of the Gospel of John: Abstract Theology or Jewish-Christian Polemic?, Aidan Lewis

Submissions from 2010

Dying to Die Right: A Look at Death in Ancient Rome, Jeff Eamon

Confronting Sexual Abuse in the Catholic Church: The Role of Secular Courts and their Limitations, Ben Herrington-Gilmore

Abu Ghraib: Degrading and Torturing the Feminized Other, Kaitlin Kelly

Humanistic Buddhism: Empowering Free Will and Reason on the Path to Enlightenment, Natalie Malter

Selfless Giving: Charity as an Ontological Reality, Thomas Rodrigues

Submissions from 2009

Scholarship on African Traditional Religions And Interpretations of Magic, Kayla Furman

A Study of Productive Fragmentation in Contemporary Dialogue , Agne Jomantaite

The Rise and Fall of the Intellectual Class in Iran, Miles Painter

Submissions from 2007

The Life and Death of Michel Foucault, Kevin Chaves

An Unwalked Path: The Future of Buddhism in Los Angeles, Jacqueline Herrlin

Submissions from 2006

Bringing Hope to At-Risk Youth in Northwest Pasadena: Values, Methods, and Challenges of Evangelical Christians, Kevin Dutton

Submissions from 2005

The Iranian Revolution of 1979: A Case Study of the Rise of Political Islam in the Muslim World, Jake Hogue

An Exploration of Hildegard of Bingen?s Concept Viriditas and Its Implications Concerning Sexuality and the Twelfth Century Catholic Church, Rebecca Shellock

Liberalization and the Sino-Russian Border, Karen Simpson

Muslims in France: Government Policy and Political Integration, Rebecca Slenes

Submissions from 2004

Nonprofit Organizations & Values of Self-Empowerment: Helping People Create their own Fulfillment in Life, Nathan Baptiste

Reproductive Biotechnology and Ethical Decisions: Buddhist vs. Catholic Standpoints, Lauren Constancio

Tibetan Buddhist Environmental Ethics: Beliefs and Practices, Jacob Dubail

Discovering the Irmandade da Nossa Senhora da Boa Morte e Gloria: Understanding the Social and Personal Value that a Sisterhood Provides for its Members, Ana Maria Garay

Getting Real About Morality: Insights from the Confluence of Evolutionary Socio-Biology and Moral Philosophy., Noah Glusenkamp

Political Articulations of Islamic Identity: A Case Study in the Negotiation of Religion and Secularism in Egypt and Iran., Heather Kanny

Submissions from 2003

Pentecostal Faith and Spirituality in Guatemala, Stacey Carr

The Notion of "Impermanence" and the Comprehension of "Meaningful Work" in Buddhism, Stacey Carr

Submissions from 2000

From Nirvana to Enlightenment., Scott Arenstein

Alternate Herstories: Filipinas' stories of Exploitation, Exportation and Resistance., Rosie Baldonado

Alternate Herstories: Filipinas' stories of Exploitation, Exportation and Resistance., Ken Davison