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First record of the sabertooth blenny, Plagiotremns azaleus, in California with notes on its distribution along the Pacific coast of Baja California





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On 8 January 1998, while performing monthly ichthyological transects in King Harbor, Redondo Beach, California (latitude 33°50.5' N, Longitude 118°24.0' W), the senior author observed two individual sabertooth blennies, Plagiotremus azaleus, along the inside of the outer breakwater and along the Portofino reef at a depth of 1.5 m (Pondella and Stephens 1994). The water temperatures were 19.8° and 18.8° C, respectively. Since the initial sighting, sabertooth blennies were not observed again for another eight months in spite of continual monitoring. After 17 August 1998 they were observed while performing routine transects until 3 February 1999 along the Portofino reef in variable numbers ranging from one to six (Table 1). These fishes were observed in a temperature range from 13° to 24.5° C (Table 1). On 18 August 1998, we observed three sabertooth blennies along the Portofino reef and one was captured using a hand net and deposited at the Scripps Institute of Oceanography fish collection (SI098-263) (Fig. 1). The specimen measured 59.8 mm SL and 68.3 mm TL (Table 2).