Our experimental design was formulated to determine whether or not bulb polarity (orientation) at the time of replanting of bulbs to salvage plants of Calochortus weedii A. W. Wood (Liliaceae) or Weed’s Mariposa Lily affected the success of the mitigation transplant effort. Polarity of bulbs at planting clearly did influence subsequent growth, most notably in the tip-down (D) treatment. Among these bulbs, 75% failed to emerge from dormancy and only four (20%) actually set mature fruit. This was in sharp contrast to the other three treatments where 100% of the bulbs successfully emerged in this season and between 80% (S) and 95% (UG and UN) set mature fruit. The data from this study do indicate that: 1) bulb planting orientation does influence survival and growth, and 2) proper bulb planting polarity (orientation) should be an important consideration in any transplantation of this or any sensitive bulb producing plant species for mitigation purposes.