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An Annotated List of the Diurnal Lepidoptera of Huntington Lake Region, Fresno County, California





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Huntington Lake is located in Fresno County, California, at an altitude of 6,950 feet. It lies in a heavily wooded valley, almost entirely surrounded by mountains of comparatively low elevation. At the nearest point, four miles north of the lake, is the Kaiser Ridge, of which the highest peak attains an elevation of 10,643 feet. The western continuation of this range is Kaiser Crest, and the highest mountain is Kaiser Peak, rising to a height of 10,300 feet. On Kaiser Peak and along Kaiser Crest the best collecting was found. Collecting, with few exceptions, was limited to a radius of fourteen miles from Huntington Lake. In this area 3,382 specimens of butterflies were captured, and Mr. Martin's records show 83 species, races, and forms as having been taken. An estimate of the mileage covered on collecting trips alone, using Huntington Lake as a base, would run close to one thousand miles. The following report is merely the result of thirteen weeks' collecting in this locality, from June 12 to August 30, 1930, and therefore should not be considered as a complete list, for there are undoubtedly many more species to be recorded for this area.