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The Fauna and Flora of the El Segundo San Dunes No. 5: Biotic Factors Affecting Plant Growth, Reproduction, and Succession on the Sand Dunes





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In the series of papers which will continue to appear on the fauna and flora of the sand dunes we hope to bring out many of the biotic relationships which exist between the plant and the animal life on the dunes. We aim to show the intricate interrelationships of life and how every phase of growth, reproduction and succession of forms (plant and animal) is dependent upon a multitude of factors. Checks and balances to the nth degree are at work here as elsewhere, but are a little easier to study in this region because of the relative scarcity of life. At a later time we shall discuss parasitism and its intricacies as manifested in this region, but in this paper we may summarize the general nature of the checks and balances controlling the plant world of the dunes. This preliminary paper will be followed by detailed reports on the biotics of each species of plant in the area.