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Contributions from the Los Angeles Museum - Channel Islands Biological Survey No. 6: Annotated List of the Scarab Beetles of the Channel Islands





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The most recent paper on the coleopterological fauna of the Channel Islands known to me is that of H. C. Fall (Canad. Ent., vol. 29, pp. 233-244, October, 1897), in which 225 species and varieties are recorded. Only four species of scarabaeoid beetles are included in this list (p. 238) and one of these, Coenonycha socialis Horn, is known only from a Lower California island, Guadalupe. To Fall's list may be added Phobetus testaceus LeConte (Proc. Acad. Nat. Sci. Phila., 1861, p. 346) and Coenonycha clementina Casey (Canad. Ent., 1909, p. 281 ; erroneously recorded in the Leng List, 1920, p. 258, as from "L. Cal. Is.") and thus the known number of species on record from the Channel Islands proper (thereby eliminating the Guadalupe Island endemic) prior to 1939, was five. As a result of investigations and collections made on the first six expeditions of the Los Angeles Museum-Channel Islands Biological Survey, the scarab list can now be increased to thirty-five.