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A Generic Revision of the Tribe Methiini (Coleoptera, Cerambycidae)





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The longicorn tribe Methiini has long been in need of a thorough revisional study. A number of factors have combined to make this impractical. The most important of these has been the impossibility of obtaining an adequate amount of material for examination. Most of the species are rare and many are known only by the type specimens. Some of these it has not as yet been possible to examine. Those few species which are known in series exhibit a perplexing amount of individual variation, and single specimens, particularly in Methia, are often difficult to place. Biological facts are all but unknown for the majority of species since the representatives in most collections have been simply captured at light. However, although the time is still far from ripe for a comprehensive study of the group, it has seemed desirable to present a reclassification of the genera with the hope that it may lead to a more complete revision at some period in the not too distant future.