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Contributions From the Los Angeles Museum - Channel Islands Biological Survey: 28. Three New Plants From San Celmente Island


M. B. Dunkle





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San Clemente Island has been less intensively studied from the botanical standpoint than any other of the Channel Islands. The heavy grazing of sheep and goats in the past gave such a desolate appearance to the island that it seemed superficially of but little interest to the botanist. The distance of the island from the mainland also contributed to the accessibility, while the use of the island by the navy during recent years has made access to the island very difficult. There have been four expeditions by the Los Angeles Museum Channel Islands Biological Survey, but as these were all of relatively short duration it cannot be hoped that the flora of the island has been more than superficially sampled. The writer has collected several plants in the immature stage that are probably new to science, but the lack of material renders their description impossible at present. The three plants described in this paper were collected on the second, third and fourth expeditions.