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New or Little-Known Crane-Flies from California (Tipulidae, Diptera), II





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The preceding part under this general title appeared in 1945 (Bull. So. California Acad. Sci., 44: 33-45, pis. 13-16). In the present report I am discussing the Californian species of the sub-genus Trichotipula Alexander in the vast genus Tipula Linnaeus. Besides the thirteen species known from the state at this time, several additional forms are found in adjoining states, particularly to the east. The enumeration of the species adopted in the preceding part is continued in this paper, the first species in this report being No. 11. By adopting such a system of continuous numbering it will be possible at any time to readily ascertain the total number of species treated in the entire series of reports. I am very greatly indebted to several entomologists and collectors for their continued interest in saving Tipulidae during the past season. Particular acknowledgment is made to Messrs. John A. Comstock, Gustave Gliickert, Joe Mayeda, Axel L. Melander, Lawrence W. Saylor, John L. Sperry and Loran Whitelock, Jr., for many specimens used in the present study. Through the appreciated interest of the various collectors, I am privileged to retain the type specimens of the species in my collection of these flies.