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The Relative Lengths of Limb Elements in Canis dirus





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The lengths of four limb elements (humerus, radius, femur and tibia) belonging to the dire wolf, Canis ( Acnocyon) dirus, were measured for a large number of fossil specimens available from the Pleistocene asphalt of Rancho La Brea. The study was undertaken primarily to determine the correct proportions of the limbs, and thus assist in current attempts to restore this characteristic wolf of the Ice Age. In addition, the results of the measurements were utilized to calculate the arithmetic mean, standard deviation and coefficient of variation, and thereby add to the information obtained from a study of the metapodials. The measurements furnish precise data that are useful in comparing the lengths of the limb elements of the extinct dire wolf with those of the living gray or timber wolf and supplement the observations of Merriam/ In the subspecific identification of the skeletal material of modern timber wolves referred to in this paper the authors follow the terminology of Young and Goldman.''