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Taxonomy and Distribution of the Artic Species Lucicutia (Copepoda: Calanoida)





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The taxonomy and distribution Of the Arctic species of Lucicutia were studied. Analysis of approximately 400 plankton hauls from the Arctic Ocean revealed the presence of Lucicutia polaris Brodsky, L. pseudopolaris Heptner, and L. anomala Brodsky in samples collected in deep waters. The two former species are closely related hut differ in morphological and biological characteristics of the adults and juvenile stages. The male of Lucicutia anomala is described for the first time. These species have a wide geographical distribution in the Arctic Ocean. They inhabit the Arctic bottom water and show different but overlapping ranges of vertical distribution. L. pseudopolaris is most abundant at a depth of about 1500 m; L. polaris preferentially lives at a depth of about 2000 m; and L. anomala is found in waters deeper than 2000 m. This species is most abundant at depths exceeding 3000 m. Physical, chemical and biological factors which might restrict the distribution of these species at different depths were discussed.