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The Taxonomy of Some Neotropical Hylaeus and Descriptions of New Taxa (Hymenoptera: Colletidae)





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The taxonomy of some neotropical Hylaeus and descriptions of new taxa (Hymenoptera: Colletidae) by Roy R. Snelling. Bull. Southern California Acad. Sci., 81(1): 1-25, 1982. All previously described Hylaeus from Mexico and Central America are placed within existing subgenera and some new synonymies are proposed. The following species are placed in the subgenus Prosopis: H. aztecus and H. transvittatus. Species placed in the subgenus Hylaeopsis are: H. callosulus (=H. callosa =H. monacha), H. dubiosus. H. gracillimus (=H. gracillinea). H. grossus (=H. maculata), H. gualanicus (=H. ruficollis =H. albifrontella), H. maculipennis, H. maculosus. H. mexicanus. H. opaciventris, H. subgriseus, H. titanius, H. vigilans (=H. trepandus) and H. zamoranicus. The following are assigned to the subgenus Hylaeana: H. costaricensis, H. knabi, H. panamensis (=H. aztecus of previous authors), H. quadratiferus, H. rufoclypeatus and H. trivittatus. Prosopis crenulata and P. howardiella. both described as hylaeines, are an andrenid and colletid, respectively. Four new species in the subgenus Hylaeana are described from Jamaica, French Guiana and Trinidad. A new subgenus is described to accommodate H. cruentus, H. orbicus and a new species from Bolivia.