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Structure and Seasonal Dynamics of the Fish Assemblage in the Cabrillo Beach Area of Los Angeles Harbor, California





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Structure and seasonal dynamics of the fish assemblage in the Cabrillo Beach area of Los Angeles Harbor. California by Larry G. Allen, Michael H. Horn, Frank A. Edmands II, and Carol A. Usui, Bull. Southern California Acad. Sci., 82:47-70, 1983. Eggs, larvae, and juvenile-adult fishes were sampled monthly over a one-year period (February 1979-.Ianuary 1980) in the Cabrillo Beach area, a relatively little altered section of Los Angeles Harbor. Engraulis mordax was the most abundant species of juvenile-adult fish while sciaenid eggs and E. mordax larvae dominated the ichthyoplankton samples. Both the juvenile-adult and egg and larval populations showed marked seasonal fluctuations in abundance. Quantitative clustering of juvenile-adult species in each sample produced five distinct groups of resident and periodic species. Temperature and depth (of capture) accounted for 76% of the variation in juvenile-adult abundances based on two canonical correlation axes. The Cabrillo Beach area contains a variety of habitats and supports a seasonally dynamic fish fauna characterized by a high proportion of juveniles.