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Notes on Marine Algae of San Diego County Including Merger of Murrayellopsis with Veleroa





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The history of marine algal studies in San Diego County is reviewed. Ten taxa of Rhodophyta have ranges that extend into this southernmost part of California on the basis of recent collections. The distributions of these taxa were previously reported to terminate to the north either on the offshore California Channel Islands or on the mainland. San Diego records are summarized for four species that have been added to the California flora since Abbott and Hollenberg's Marine Algae of California was published (1976). Three species earlier considered rare in southern California have been found to be extremely abundant and wide- spread in algal turf on rocky beaches of San Diego County. Recent subtidal col- lections of an undescribed Phycodrys are treated as a major range extension of P. cerratae, described from central Peru. Abundant material from San Diego County sites supports the merger of Murrayellopsis and Veleroa (Rhodophyta) both at the generic and species level; for reasons of priority, Murrayellopsis dawsonii becomes a synonym of Veleroa subulata.