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Faunal Associates of an Undescribed Species of Chrysaora (Cnidaria, Scyphozoa) in the Southern California Bight, with Notes on Unusual Occurrences of Other Warm Water Species in the Area





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A large, undescribed species of scyphomedusa (Cnidaria, Scyphozoa) was sighted offshore, in bays, and washed up in large numbers on beaches of Southern California and northern Baja California, Mexico, during the summer of 1989. Invertebrate associates, taken from two living but damaged medusae lacking tentacles and oral arms, included a pycnogonid sea spider and two species of mysidacean shrimp not previously reported associated with scyphozoans. These species probably became attached as the moribund medusae contacted the seafloor prior to washing ashore. Previously reported scyphozoan associates included a hyperiid amphipod and larval (megalopal) and juvenile brachyuran crabs of the genus Cancer. Photographs and video footage of living scyphomedusae allowed observations of the natural history of the medusae and of the behavior of juvenile crabs. The unique occurrence of this scyphozoan and its faunal associates is described and discussed along with other unusual local occurrences of species from other, mostly tropical, regions.