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Polychaete Fauna from San Quintin Bay, Baja California, Mexico





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Polychaete annelids collected in San Quintin Bay were analyzed. Thir- ty-nine stations were sampled with a geological type corer in December 1992, in depths of 2 to 6 m. A total of 677 polychaetes (17 families, 28 genera and 32 species) were recognized. Sixteen species and four genera were recorded for the first time in the area. The best represented families were: Syllidae (124 speci- mens), Lumbrineridae (100), Flabelligeridae (75), Nereididae (74), Cossuridae (73), Spionidae (58), Capitellidae (49), Cirratulidae (44) and Maldanidae (29). The most abundant species were Scoletoma tetraura, Brada villosa, Cossura Can- dida, Neanthes acuminata, Pionosyllis sp., Notomastus sp., Exogone lourei, Prion- ospio heterobranchia, Chaetozone sp. and Exogone dispar. The eastern arm of San Quintin Bay presented slightly higher values of species richness and polychaete abundances. Of the 28 families previously reported for this lagoon, 17 were found and the families Trichobranchidae and Apistobran- chidae are added. To date, there are 81 polychaete species, belonging to 30 fam- ilies, reported from San Quintin Bay.