The Undergraduate Research Center (URC) seeks to support Oxy’s mission by providing experiences that encourage the development of higher order thinking skills through faculty-mentored independent research. Find other student works supported by the URC here.


Submissions from 2013

Social Movements Mural Project, Jacqueline Ayala

Submissions from 2012

Gender in Recipes: A Look at the Food Network's Top Chefs, Kirsten Easton

Submissions from 2011

Alone, Together: The Social Culture of Music and the Coffee Shop, Margaret de Larios

Caging the Tiger: The Segregation of Chinatown, Miranda Sieg

Submissions from 2010

The Effects of Gendered Self-Concepts and Academic Performance: An Investigation, Jordan Bernhardt

Submissions from 2009

?We Need Spashley?: The Impact of South of Nowhere on LGBT Youth, Caroline Wade

Submissions from 2008

An ABCD's Path to Success: Career Aspirations of Second Generation Indian Immigrants, Kiran Preet Dhillon

Empowering Women: Effective HIV/AIDS Education in the Volta Region of Ghana, Allison Jurkovich

Understanding its Impact: Universal Primary Education in sub-Saharan Africa, Katie Lewis

Submissions from 2007

Selling Gender: Masculinity and Femininity in Twenty Years of Toy Commercials, Karina Lyons

?Back-to-the-city? Movement: The Shape of Gentrification in Alhambra , Sarah Park

"The New White Flight": Investigating White Flight from Asian Communities in California Cities, Jessica Simes

Submissions from 2006

Who is Chinese? Identifying the origins of Chinese identity, and examining the issue of government designation vs. personal identification, Jonathan Woodside

Submissions from 2003

Middle Class Social Workersand their Perceptions of Class Barriers, Molly Banks

Youth Subculture in Los Angeles: A Comparison of Hardcore and Rave, Nicole Cross

"Community Interested" Individuals, Ryan Kluthe

Submissions from 2002

Affirmative Action and Strategies of Conservative Discourse, Edward Chaidez

Poverty & Segregation: An Examination of Factors Affecting Chicano/Latino Achievement in Los Angeles High Schools (formerly: "Institutional factors Achievement"), Daniel Rochmes

Student's Choice of Majors and the Determining Factors, Sarah X. Su

Submissions from 2001

School as Spatial Text: Power and Social Reproduction in Educational Space., Allison Schifani

Submissions from 2000

Ethnic Solidarity and Ethnic Conflict: A Test of the Global Enclave Model, Angela Chan

Tiger Finder/Community Business Link Victor Farfan & Laura Kawano , Victor Farfan and Laura Kawano

Submissions from 1999

Ethnic Solidarity and Ethnic Conflict in Monterey Park: The Global Enclave Theory, Angela Chan

Asian American Panethnicity, Melody Chiong

Hong Kong Women: Professional Feminists?, Melody Chiong

Eagle Rock: Place Memory and Community Cohesion, Jean S. Won

Submissions from 1998

Hong Kong Women: Professional Feminists?, Melody Chiong

CityWalk as Hyperspace, Monica Gomez