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Spring 2017


Los Angeles’ size makes it an influential city, nationally and globally and it has pioneered progressive policies like plastic bag bans, air quality standards and water-treatment initiatives. In this enormous city, these unique and progressive policies would not have produced results if not for organizations petitioning and challenging the government to better the living conditions for its inhabitants. The struggle for legalization and fair treatment of street-side vending has appeared in cities throughout America and the globe, yet a breakthrough has been long overdue in Los Angeles. Vendors have been treated unfairly and have suffered in Los Angeles their businesses and property are constantly at risk of confiscation, and although streetside vending legalization is becoming a reality for Los Angeles, the regulatory policies that might come with it may hamper responsible vendors. The following research was carried out to use the story of street-side vending in Los Angeles and other cities, review studies and information gathered about this economic practice, and propose a host of research questions and research methodology to better understand street-side vending in Los Angeles and how the city can improve its relationship with practitioners. The implications of this study are crucial in allowing Los Angeles to better service its people and once again lead by example for cities around the world.