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Spring 2017


College campuses are places where violence unfortunately occurs. Sexual assault is a pervasive issue not only on college campuses, but globally. College campuses have a unique opportunity to change the culture around violence through the work of violence prevention and education offices. These offices are necessary for college campuses if they’d like to see positive culture change. Violence prevention and education offices provide many opportunities to explore issues that arise in communities (e.g. racism, classism, sexism..). For the purpose of this research, liberal arts institutions were examined across the country, similar to Occidental College, then interviews with staff of and reviews of their violence prevention offices were conducted. The campuses that use these offices can change culture by creating inclusive spaces, engaging the community on a regular basis, laying out clear goals and policies, and also giving students a seat at the table. These offices have a place on college campuses and their status should be prioritized by all institutions, ensuring that they are operating at prime efficacy, impacting as many community members as possible.