The Undergraduate Research Center (URC) seeks to support Oxy’s mission by providing experiences that encourage the development of higher order thinking skills through faculty-mentored independent research. Find other student works supported by the URC here.


Submissions from 2012

Summer 2012 Program: Affordable Housing Internship, Bianca Fonseca-Cervantes

The Implementation of the FAIR Education Act: Teaching LGBT History in Schools, Priya Ghose

Submissions from 2011

A Nation of Homeowners: The American (Day)dream, Katrina Gould

Livable Los Angeles: Evaluating Transit-Oriented Development in Hollywood, Mike Kralovich

EMTALA: Conception and Impact, Michael Patton

The Unknown Costs of Affordable Housing Development in Boyle Heights, Los Angeles, Caitlin Ruppel

ACCE Summer Internship, Khaliyah Washington

Submissions from 2010

Affordable Housing Internship-LAANE, Sarah Barton

Affordable Housing Internship-LA Voice-PICO, Michael Clegg

Affordable Housing Internship-ELACC, Xiomara Pedraza

Submissions from 2009

Fighting to Protect Health, Civil and Housing Rights in the Skid Row Community, Kathryn Griffith

Reforming Curriculum Design: The Importance of Effective Public Participation, Kelsey Longmuir

Submissions from 2008

Affordable Housing Internship at The Coalition for Economic Survival, Kathy Ambriz

Affordable Housing Internship, Chandrika Francis

Submissions from 2007

Community Gardens: The Struggle for Environmental Justice in Latino Communities, Ariana de Lena

Investing in the Nickel: LA's Homeless, Gentrification and the Battle Over Skid Row Erica Fick and Caitlin Peel , Erica Fick and Caitlin Peel

Exhausting Children?s Health: Developing Healthier Learning Environments for California Students, Sarah Ritter

Submissions from 2006

ACORN Internship: Power in Numbers, Drea Chicas

Pasadena City Planning Priorities: An Examination of the Past and Recommendations for the Future, Julia Granholm

The Right Way: Investigating Conservative Success in America?s Nonprofit Sector, Madeline Wander

Submissions from 2005

Updating a fresh food access guide for a low literacy audience, Leah Goldsmith

From the Foundation Up: Affordable Housing in Los Angeles, Kether Hayden

From the Foundation Up: Affordable Housing in Los Angeles, Angelica Lopez

From the Foundation Up: Affordable Housing in Los Angeles, Caroline Nasella

Submissions from 2004

Esperanza Community Housing Corporation: Providing HOPE., Maritza Agundez

The Mighty SCANPH Brain Trust., Rachel Brewer

Fencing Africa?s National Parks., Elizabeth Evans

Immigrants and the Environment: Environmental Values and Attitudes Related to the Immigrant Experience., Claire Markgraf

Prison expansion, the U.S. Criminal Justice system, and the Danish Alternative., Alessandro Morosin

What's for dinner?Organizing around food access issues in Los Angeles., Olivia Prebus

Going Mainstream: Fair trade in Germany and England., Ellen Roggemann

The Southern California Association of Non-Profit Housing: Effective or Ineffective, An Interns Evaluation, Brandon Smith

Submissions from 2003

Women in Los Angeles' Corporate Power Structure, Ellen Roggeman

Submissions from 2002

Community Outreach Along the Arroyo Seco Corridor, Vanessa Martinez

Highland Park Family Recreation Committee, Nicholas Robles

Working with CINCO in Highland Park, Edgar Salmeron

ArroyoFest: Freeway Walk and Bike Ride, Jonathan Tracy

Submissions from 2001

Arroyo Seco Survey, Stephanie Schroeder

Submissions from 1999

Dry Cleaning Vs. Wet Cleaning: The Effort to Promote and Convert Dry Cleaners into Wet Cleaners, Richard J. Ahn