Submissions from 2013

Crises of Legitimacy: The Iran-Syria-Hezbollah Nexus and the Arab Spring, Zachary Abels

Social Movements Mural Project, Jacqueline Ayala

Military Veteran Résumés: Can Military Transition Assistance Programs Improve an Applicant's Chances of Getting Called Back for Interviews?, Samuel Benfey

Thermal Expansion of the Heavy Fermion Antiferromagnetic YiBiPt, Rishi Bhandia

Life history, feeding behavior, and symbiont necessity in Sibaria englemani and Edessa Project, Kalia Bistolas

How individuals with different levels of knowledge communicate in a collaborative task, Valérie Bourassa

From Columbine to Sandy Hook: Investigating the Effectiveness of LAUSD Safety Protocol and Policies in the Context of the Growing Prominence of Mass Shootings in U.S. Culture, Caroline Bringenberg

Studies on the Enantioselective Synthesis of DAB-1, Hilary Brown

Analysis of Trends in Occidental Stduent Data, Zachary Buschbach

Verification of a single genetic mutation in blue copper proteins, Darryenn Castellanos

Determining the effect of attention on the cutaneous rabbit illusion, Soumya Choudhury

Nanoparticle Enabled Solar Vaporization, Benjamin Clark

Cultivating the Bodhicitta: An Historical and Philosophical Analysis of the Awakening Mind in Buddhist Thought, Zabia Colovos

IRAP Student Survey Analysis, Austen Dake

Policy vs. Protest: Exploring the Intersection of Formal and Informal Politics in Tackling the Problem of Racialized Push-out in LAUSD, Mara Dauber

Interdisciplinary Approaches to the Discussion of Human Rights, Sarah Doyel

Human tessellations: Repetition as a mode of isolation in Ray K. Metzker's urban photography, Ethan Goldberg

Hip Hop and Urban Space in Los Angeles, Daniel Harrison

Abundance, Distribution, and Size Frequency of Three Emergent Fishery Species in Palos Verdes, CA, Adrienne Mikovari

Submissions from 2012

Investigating Insect Interactions on Pentaclethra macroloba, Arlin Alger

Intersectionality and the Tensions Between Service Provision and Political Organizing within Los Angeles’ Black LGBT Movement, Kyle Boers

The Fluid Velocity and its Reorientation in Simulated Turbulent Rayleigh-Benard Convection, Adriana Borrayo

Dispersion of Ions in the Drift Dark Matter Detector, Nicole Chen

Oxy Students' Attitudes about Rape, Spencer Choy

The Metaphor and the Literal- language and Deleuze, David Cole

Simulation and analysis of regular and chaotic particle dynamics in asymmetry-induced transport, Jacob Coleman

The Suburban Myth and its application to the San Fernando Valley, Deanna Dupuy

Rhetoric or Reality?: The Integration of Women’s Issues into 21st Century US Foreign Policy, Jessie Durrett

Gender in Recipes: A Look at the Food Network's Top Chefs, Kirsten Easton

The Effects of Aspect Ratio on Onset Pattern Formation in Simulated Rayleigh-Benard Convection, Mary Flagstad

Summer 2012 Program: Affordable Housing Internship, Bianca Fonseca-Cervantes

Translations for Language Teaching and Civic Engagement, Jessica Galvez

The Implementation of the FAIR Education Act: Teaching LGBT History in Schools, Priya Ghose

Glucose and Fructose Ingestion following High Intensity Exercise does not Affect Subsequent Exercise Capacity, Adam Gutierrez

The Development and Characterization of Polyvalent Anti-Influenza Antivirals, Kevin Hong

A Kinematic and Electromyographic Analysis of the “High Knees” and “Butt Kicks” Running Form Drills Compared to Running at an 8 Minute Mile Pace, Marnie Kinnaird

Corruption and Capital: the effect of corruption on foreign investment, Megan Lang

Assisting with hardware R&D for the DRIFT Dark Matter Detection Project, Everest Law

Communication Across a Conceptual Divide: Effects of Collaboration on Evolutionary Reasoning, Jai Levin

Stress-Induced Alcohol Preferences: A Novel Test in Selectively Bred Rats, Chardonnay Madkins

Why Bill Maher Is Dangerously Misguided and Why It Matters: A Philosophical Exploration of the Religious Dimension of Human Existence, Natalie Malter

Mind the Gap: An Instance of Grotesquely Defamiliarizing Indeterminacy in David Foster Wallace’s Infinite Jest, Gabriel Mathews


70 Years of College Life: OxyCorps Student/Alumni Interviews, Sarah Mooney, Isabel Osgood-Roach, Taylor Rowland, and Ryan Rambach

Optimizing the purification of wild type and mutant recombinant phospholipase D: An approach to producing a Corynebacterium pseudotuberculosis vaccine, Utsav Patwardhan

"Signal to Noise" Ratio of a Novel Object Increased By Ritalin: A Study with Two Rat Strains, Alexander Posell

Herbivory on Toxic Plants and Gut Microbial Diversity in Tropical Katydids, Kenjiro Quides

Solution of Laplace's Equation for a high end potential with a biased center wire in a Malmberg-Penning trap, Kyle Reuther

The Role of Metacognition in Conceptual Change, Sharang Tickoo

Locomotion and Anxiety After Caffeine Intake in HiS and LoS Rats, Jennifer Wang

Abundance and Size Variations in Eelgrass-Associated Fish Assemblages In San Diego Bay, Morgan Winston

Submissions from 2011

The Prevalence of Populational and Negative Facts in Children's Books About Nature, Katie Abelson

PerceptionsofNature: MalleabilityDuetoVisualPrimingandRelationtotheUnderstandingofEvolution, Yih-Hsin A. Ban

A Study of Intrinsic Knots and Links: a Tale of Two Graphs Alex Barylskiy and Hannah Schwartz, Alex Barylskiy and Hannah Schwartz

The Givenness of Being in Late Plato, Peter Beer

The Fluid Velocity and its Reversal in Simulated Turbulent Rayleigh-B?nard Systems, Adriana Borrayo

The Thermal Expansion of the Heavy Fermion Antiferromagnet YbAgGe, Caitlin Brown

Over the River and Through the Woods: Nature and Cognitive Development, Danielle Caban

Magnetoresistive Correction to Cernox Thermometers below 4K, Thomas Cahuzac

An Analysis of the Effect of Rectangular Geometries on the Large-scale Circulation in Turbulent Rayleigh-B?nard Convection, Zamara Cardenas-Licea

Parental Input Regarding ?Negative? Information About the Biological World, Isabel Checa

Quality Control in Engineering DRIFT IIe Detectors, Pt 2, Nicole Chen

Virus-Based Heparin Reversal Agents, Ho Yong Cheong

Crystallization of an Isoprenoid from Host-Independent Bdellovibrio bacteriovorus for X-Ray Diffraction Analysis, Shira Choi

Behind the Veil: Feminism, Racism, and the Call for the Liberation of the Muslim Woman, Margot Clifford

Effect of Soil Type on Abundance and Diversity of Insect Herbivores of Pentaclethra macroloba , Audrey Crocker

Engineering a Dark Matter Detector: the Intricacies of Construction of DRIFT IIe, Sean Curran

The Effects of Storm Drain Runoff on Fish and Invertebrate Populations at Palos Verdes Peninsula, Sara Damore

Alone, Together: The Social Culture of Music and the Coffee Shop, Margaret de Larios

Construction of a pFast Plasmid-based Expression Vector for Expression and Purification of Human Blood Coagulation Factor VIII, the Causative Agent of Hemophilia A, Eliza Dornbush

Community-Based Organizations and Pre-Service Teacher Education: A Case Study of 826LA, Sarah Duer

The Biomechanics of Pirouettes in Elite Female Dancers, Chelsea Duncan

Cyanotype Slipstream, A Family Portrait, Tucker Eason

Activation of CiD Interneurons in Zebrafish by the Venom of the Fish Hunting Cone Snail Conus catus , Erika Edmund

Triangle-Y Families of Complete Graphs, Greg Ellison

?Love too thick??: Narrative Structure, Reader Response, and Violence in Toni Morrison?s Beloved and Jazz , Mirin Fader

A Morphological Investigation of the Co-existence of Host-Dependent Bdellovibrio bacteriovorus and its Host-Independent Variants by Atomic Force Microscopy, Leanna Faudree

Heparin Alternative Using Virus Scaffolds, Conrad Fihn

Quality Control in Engineering DRIFT IIe Detectors, Pt 1, Jennifer Fox

Population dynamics of Strongylocentrotus -dominated sea urchin barrens on the Palos Verdes Peninsula, Anthony Fredericks

A Mouse Model for Corynebacterium Pseudotuberculosis Vaccine Development, Kristina Geiger

Two models of PTSD in Rats Selectively Bred for High and Low Saccharin Intake, Wesley Goodman-Levy

A Nation of Homeowners: The American (Day)dream, Katrina Gould

An Enantioselective Synthesis of Prozac, Jennifer Griffin

An Empire Divided: Regional anti-Catholic Policies in Bismarck's Germany, Joel Haas

Improved Simulation of Lava Flow Cooling Supports Hypothesis of Rapid Transitional Geomagnetic Field Change, Lydia Harmon

Re-Collecting Dove: Virtually Archiving the Life and Work of Cruzan Artist Lloyd "Dove" Braffith, Elsa Henderson

Willa Cather, McClure's Magazine and "The Problems of Suicide", Will Holmes

Contested spaces: Narrating Claims to the Mosque-Cathedral of C?rdoba against the Specter of the Moor, MaX Horten

All in Your Head? Exploring Pain Relief of Endogenous Opiate Activation in Rat Models, Jordanne Ho-Shue

Quantification of Methanogenic Microbes Associated with Tropical Bromeliads: Influences on Function and Abundance, Gene Jang

Mathematical Modeling of Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms via Micro-Array Analysis, Thomas Jemielita

Camouflaged Modernism: Tracing Corbusian Symbolism through the Rodger Young Village, Anna Jane Jones

Electrochemical Reshaping of Cartilage, Jeremy Kallick

China in Africa: South-South Camaraderie or Exploitation, Elizabeth Kennedy

City of Hope: Analysis and Purification of CEA samples, Elissa Kim

When is seeing believing: Issues with Stem Cell therapy research, Emily Kimes

Predicting Relapse in Leukemia Patients Using WT1-specific RNA Transcript Levels, Irene Kim

A Simplified and Greener Approach to Patterning Surfaces with Metallic Nanostructures, Sohyun Kim

Reactions of 1,4-naphthoquinones with Nucleophiles, Tiffany Kim

The Young Women's Christian Association: Activism and Gender Identity in Postwar America, Teigynn Knight and Schwartz