Radical Islamists Turn Toward Terrorism in Modern Egypt: Causes and Solutions.


Serena Waheed

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Over the past five years, Egypt has witnessed a resurgence of radical Islamists. Although few in number, these extremists have significantly contributed to the growth in terrorist activities which climaxed with the latest terrorist attack in Luxor that claimed 62 lives. The frustration that has caused this tendency toward terrorism is partly a response to the socio-economic and political conditions endured by certain groups of Egyptians. The widening economic disparity between the classes, the government corruption and elitism, and the rapid population growth, all contributes to a level of desperation among certain Egyptians. Some see the only solution to these problems as lying within a 'return to Islam.' However, as a result of the tight controls on Islamists' political participation, these Islamists are left without any legal platform on which to voice their opinions. This closed political system consequently results in certain individuals going outside of the political system to be heard. Without much financial or political support, these Islamic extremists use terrorism as their tool of choice. From Nassar to Mubarak, government responses to radical Islamism and terrorism will be examined to find a solution to the present situation.


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