The Philippine Literary Tradition: Exploring the Relationships Between a Colonial and Imperial Past, Literature and Education


Lisa Felipe

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The fragmentation of the Filipino identity--- brought on by the loss of ancient Philippine culture through three hundred years of Spanish colonization and half a century of American imperialism---is reflected upon the country's literary tradition and the way it is taught, and most importantly not taught in schools. This Richter study will then focus on the following concerns with the state of Filipino literature today: What Filipino literary works are discussed and taught at the elementary, high school and college level from this era? How has literature helped to facilitate the endeavor of defining what is 'truly' Filipino in the face of foreign influences which have historically sought to undermine the Filipino experience? The study of the history of the Filipino literary tradition in relation to Philippine colonial and imperial history, coupled with the interviews of students, professors and school administrators regarding their experiences in literature, will reveal the connections that colonial and imperial history has on the Filipino literary tradition. This will enable me to explore how Filipino identity manifests itself in literature and the way it is taught.


Warren Montag




Paul K. and Evelyn E. Cook Richter Fellowship

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