Measuring the Effects of ?Teach for America' Teachers on Students in the Los Angeles Unified School District

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My research focuses on the effects of Teach for America in the Los Angeles Unified school district. Teach for America is a program that takes recently graduated college students and professionals and places them in underperforming urban and rural schools. The mission of this program is to use these promising leaders to help improve the inequality in education. This research will look at how effective Teach for America teachers are in improving students? tests scores in both math and language-arts. Taking data from the California Department of Education about these schools? demographics and teachers? certification, I was able to run a regression to determine the teachers? impact on students? achievement. Using the California Standardize Test (CST) I compared the scores of students taught by Teach for America teachers to students taught by fully credentialed teachers. The results of this research revealed that TFA teacher have a slightly higher effect on students? math scores and actually are harmful to students? language-arts test scores.


Bevin Ashenmiller and Mary Lopez




A gift from The Howard A. & Shirley V. Jones Family Foundation

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