Bringing Hope to At-Risk Youth in Northwest Pasadena: Values, Methods, and Challenges of Evangelical Christians


Kevin Dutton

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Six years into the second millennium, the United States stands at the pinnacle of its economic and political power. Yet in 2003, the U.S. government estimated that approximately 36 million Americans live in poverty. Of that 36 million in 2003, about 12 million were children. This prompts us to ask the question, what can we do to help these children, and how do we go about doing it? In the following research project, I will examine how evangelical churches and faith based organizations play a unique and critical role in improving the lives of at-risk youth. Focusing on the area of Northwest Pasadena, this research seeks to understand the values and the methods evangelical Christians are using to minister to the poor. Starting from a critical study of biblical texts, an exploration of social justice and poverty in the Bible will highlight an applicable theology to use in outreach ministries. The textual analysis will be followed by three case studies that illuminate how biblical values are used in meaningful ways to improve the lives of kids in Northwest Pasadena. The ministries used in the research are Northwest Neighbors, Harambee Ministries, and Lake Avenue Community Foundation.


Diana Akiyama




Lilly Foundation Values and Vocations Fellowship

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