Project GOLD Curriculum.


Kathryn Morris

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Project GOLD is a gang intervention and prevention program created and implemented this past year in conjunction several organizations. The program itself was split into two distinct phases; the first half directed by the LAPD and City Attorney?s Office and the second half directed by Professor Chin and her Children and Childhood class. My responsibility this summer was to improve upon the curriculum used in the firs half of the program. In many cases I decided to throw out an entire lesson and start from scratch, in other instances I was able to leave most of it alone. I drew upon many different sources to gather information and advice as to how I should go about writing a gang prevention program for fifth graders. One of the most helpful resources were the papers from the Children and Childhood class that I was able to read. Several students covered racial, sexual, and economic issues that were present within the children?s everyday dialogue. What I tried to accomplish was not only the original goals of Project GOLD, but an insertion of reaffirming messages to counteract the social, economic, and racial issues the children were dealing with apart from gangs and drugs. We worked hard to create a new curriculum that would have long lasting results. The wish was also to funnel the children into the LA?s Best and LA Bridges programs, while still maintaining the special group of GOLD students.


Elizabeth Chin




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