Educational Technology in the Library and Classroom: Helping Students Learn Better


Anna DeNeui

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The purpose of academic libraries is to support scholarship. The size of schools like Oxy makes it possible for this support to take the form of very close collaboration between librarians and faculty. Both groups are dedicated to providing ?a total educational experience of the highest quality.*? As technology develops and the learning styles of students change, all of academia?including both classrooms and libraries?needs to adapt in order to continue to uphold an excellent standard of education. This requires turning a critical and innovative eye to new educational technologies as they become available. This presentation will address some already existing educational technologies, and some general concerns associated with them, before introducing The HyperCities Project, created by Todd Presner in 2005, as an example of a new direction for educational technology. Since its inception as an alternative to a textbook for UCLA History Course, it has exploded into a worldwide collection of historical and current information. As well as being an engaging and interactive program it provides an alternative organization of historical information: geographically, rather than linearly. I will demonstrate two very different applications for HyperCities and provide a guided tour of its general features. This demonstration will include a discussion of the process of using HyperCities as well as the pros and cons of being on the cutting edge of a new program. *Excerpted from the Library and Occidental College Mission Statements


Jennifer Masunaga




Andrew W. Mellon Foundation

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