Highland Park Family Recreation Committee


Nicholas Robles

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On May 29th, I started my position as a coordinator assistant of the Highland Park Family Recreation Committee. This committee is comprised of residents from Highland Park working to bring another recreational facility, the YMCA, to their community. I am working under the guidance of Maria Cardona, whose office is located at the Hathaway Family Resource Center, a non-profit community based organization whose community outreach is very powerful. My duties include preparing the agenda for the committee's weekly meetings, taking minutes for every meeting, and distributing fliers to the community. I have met with the executive directors from the Metropolitan YMCA and Hollywood YMCA, trying to establish a close relationship that efficiently directs our efforts to bring the YMCA to Highland Park. My job includes attending meetings and events throughout Highland Park, increasing the awareness of our efforts.Also, I assisted Maria Cardona in the analysis and writing of the YMCA Needs Assessment. As part of this research, I have visited various parks, recreation centers, and schools in Highland Park. I am leading the committee's efforts in starting a basketball youth league in Highland Park. We have performed various fundraisers to generate money for our efforts. I also attended a Grant Proposal Writing Workshop with Maria Cardona. We are presently looking for grant money to produce more substantial funding. Our goal is that Highland Park will be a community that houses a large and reputable recreation center like the YMCA in the near future.


M. Cardona and J. Lin




Dept. of Housing and Urban Development Grant

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