Campus Greening


Brad Leon

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Eco-Oxy established by the Pollution Prevention Education and Research Center, and modeled after a program originating at the University of California at Los Angeles, proposed a program whereby student interns would work with faculty and campus facilities employees to assess campus environmental impacts. Throughout the summer I focused on paper consumption, energy efficiency and water consumption. Concerning paper consumption I interviewed administrative assistants to determine the cost, frequency of purchase and any recycling programs they may have initiated. Interviews indicated that the college doesn't have a centralized system for paper consumption but that each office assumes procurement responsibilities. Next I focused on energy efficiency on campus in terms of energy use computers, submeters, lighting, and heating and cooling. Our computers fall under the EPA's labeling program for energy efficient computers "energy star." Submeters are on some buildings to measure the level of energy use but not on others due to financial constraints. 25-30% of lights on campus have undergone retrofits to energy efficient lighting while we face problems heating and cooling buildings as a result of our lack of control of individual buildings.


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